SJSU BFA Graphic Design 2017

We are 45 designers from SJSU’s BFA Graphic Design program each with our own unique stories, backgrounds, and perspectives. Despite our vast differences, we have formed a bond through a tough yet rewarding journey together. See how these past two years have pushed us to create some of our best work.

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I'm a designer,
but I'm also an explorer, a bike rider, a pillar of support, a racing engineer, a storyteller, extra, a dog lover, a powerlifter, a maverick, an observer, a huge nerd, a basketball player, a photographer, a Christian, a dreamer, an accountant, a paper crafter, a cat lady, a drummer, an artist, a musician, a troublemaker, an athlete, a proud daughter, a mover, a self-starter, a dancer, a climber, a traveler, rooted in nature, a sweet tooth, a dancer, an explorer, a reader, a friend, a pianist, a craftsman, a big sister, an image-maker, a purist .